Painting Business: Tips and Advice

In my painting business, I never liked a rigid and too controlled atmosphere in a workplace. But nonetheless there is a need to establish guidelines. Most of these define the professional image we want to convey. Some of these were created to ensure profitability.- Smoking, Not on the job, never in someone’s house. Kind of a moot point because I don’t hire smokers.- Cell phones, not during business hours, that’s my time. Breaks are fine.- Customer’s phones, Not allowed, you are not even to ask the customer to use their phone- Radios, you are in someone’s home then respect it. Outside, OK if kept respectably quiet. Either way, I don’t like it.- Painter’s white, White painter pants, always, you are a painter or learning to be one, make sure that you look like one.- Time off without notice, if you take a day off unannounced, then as soon as you report back I will give you another day off as payback, no pay of course.- Personal hygiene and clean clothes, just make it happen, kind of a moot point because I won’t hire someone who is not a well kept individual- Parking, don’t park in the clients driveway- Toilets, ask to use one, then use only that one and keep it immaculate.- Client’s refrigerators stay out; do not store your lunch in there, even if they are not home.- Client’s microwave, off limits- Clean up the job everyday- Once you establish the guidelines don’t allow variations, unless you agree to them. If the step across the line, fire themI don’t have a lot of rules but the ones I do have are iron clad. Don’t do them and we never have to talk about rules, ever.