How To Leverage Online Marketing Based On Solving 3 Key Causes Of Failures Online

How to leverage online marketing and make it work for you instead of the other way around is the critical question every serious online marketer should be asking themselves in case they really want to make money on the internet and at the same time lead an enjoyable lifestyle outside the working hours.Subsequently, it all comes down to initially asking yourself a very simple question: “How productive am I at building and running my online business?”In case that you feel that you are not as productive as you should be because you are aware that you have spent months and months trying to make money on the internet and have made little or no money online, now is the right time for you to start uncovering, identifying and then removing the main cause or causes of your struggles or failures online.Having said that there are 3 common causes to one’s failing to make money online:Misdirected Focus
Upside Down Leverage
Unnecessary ComplexityWhat happens is that one or more of the above mentioned causes to your problems online might be keeping you trapped and making you work harder instead of smarter.In other words, one or more of these 3 stumbling blocks are the critical factors that have been stealing you away from money, success and freedom.The first common cause of one’s failure online is the Misdirected Focus. This means that you have most likely been focusing on insignificant and trivial activities when it comes to making money online.To find out if this type of cause of failures online relates to your current situation, you should try to answer the following questions:Are you crystal clear on which few activities are essential in your business and all the ones that are not?
Do you believe that you currently have the right balance between what you are learning on the one hand and what you are earning on the other?
At the end of your working day, are you happy with what you’ve accomplished and the outcomes that these accomplishments will generate for you?
Have you consistently applied the marketing tactics that you’ve learned from one or many courses that you have purchased to date?
Are you sure and convinced that you know which marketing tactics right now are most important for you and your business to grow?In case you’ve answered “No” to any of the above questions, that means that you are suffering from the problem of the Misdirected Focus.To gain even more clarity on whether you are really victim of the Misdirected Focus, you can reassess your situation by analyzing the following statements:You think you have to do 100 things but in reality there are only few things that you should focus on
Chasing gimmicks, magic buttons and trying to find something simpler and easier that will help you achieve your ever desired success
Learning anything business related that you are not planning to use somewhere right now or in the very near futureIf you could relate to any of the above listed statements, you are also experiencing needless struggles and failures online.As for the Upside Down Leverage, this quite simply refers to the situation where you are getting the least amount of your desired results from everything you do.To find out if this kind of cause to one’s failures online relates to your present situation, you should try to answer the following questions:Are you often surprised at how a big payoff you get from something didn’t require much effort on your part?
Have you had the experience of a single piece of content causing a significant amount of traffic, sales and profits?
Are you satisfied with the results that you are getting when compared to the effort that you’re currently putting in?
Is there anything in your online business that you did a long time ago that is still paying you big dividends day in, day out, today?
Do you currently have a strong online presence spread throughout the internet including all the different social media sites, video platforms, forums and organic search engine results in your own niche market?Again, in case you have answered “No” to any of the above questions, you are most likely suffering from the problem of the Upside Down Leverage.In order for you to gain even greater clarity on whether this type of cause to one’s failures online relates to your current situation, check out the following statements:You are only selling products and services from your own website when you could easily be selling on ten or more sites especially under the conditions that all these other sites get much more traffic and more potential customers
Creating content for a single purpose and then not re-purposing it, transforming it and syndicating it in order for you to reap all the benefits as the result of doing so
You are investing your time and efforts in low leverage tasks instead of high leverage tasks that could generate you much more profit based on the minimum amount of time and efforts that you put inAgain, if any of the above statements refers to your current situation, that means that the Upside Down Leverage is now holding you back from your online success.Unnecessary Complexity as the last type of cause to one’s painful and needless struggles online refers to the situation where you are adding lots of unnecessary steps and trying to get everything perfect instead of get going and improving it on your journey to success.To find out whether you are currently facing and experiencing the Unnecessary Complexity problem while struggling to make money online, you are advised to try to answer the following questions:Has starting and developing your online business been as easy as you thought it would be?
Have you figured out the quickest and easiest path to achieving your most important online goals?
Do you believe that your time has been well invested thanks to the fact that you have managed to move your business forward?
Are you doing the smallest amount of work possible to get all your tasks done in your online business as well as to reach your goals?
Do you start every project thinking through your desired outcome and also the bare minimum steps in order for you to get there?Again, if you have answered “No” to any of the above questions, that means that you are suffering from the Unnecessary Complexity problem.In order to remove this last potential cause to your struggles online, you should simply focus on avoiding the following things:Making your success further out of reach instead of closer
Making your projects more complex than they really are
Making your progress slow instead of fastFinally, how to leverage online marketing in the process of building and running your online business is mainly the question and the matter of adopting the right entrepreneurial mindset towards making money and profiting on the internet.